Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Drinks by Toulouse: The Corona-Orange

Happy Toulouse...
The days are getting warmer and as I anticipate the coming of the first day of official summer, my summer is already here, with the first of my summer line of Toulouse-original drinks.

Following my discovery of Mama Chia (see previous post) thanks to writer friend Nina, here is a Toulouse original to take the edge off those hot summer days when the humidex promises to glue your shorts to your ... well ... you know ... (I don't have that problem, but I'm always thinking of you)...

Here it is:

Toulouse's Corona-Orange

3 bottles of Corona beer (one for now and two for later)
1 pitcher of pure freshly squeezed orange juice (a carton of your best orange juice will do in a pinch)

Mix the Corona with the juice in a half-half ratio or to your taste, mix, then savour by sipping slowly. Enjoy!

I'm Toulouse, the cool travel cat!
Ciao Baby!

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